Thursday, November 5, 2009

Free Photo Shoot

For quite some time I've been studying other photographers - their style, business procedures, methods, etc. I like to watch and see what works for them - and what doesn't! I am inspired by so many fellow photographers and designers. It is fascinating to me to see their businesses grow and in that you see their skill just evolve! It's awesome!!!! I have a few forms of advertising I've been working with but I want to continue with my favorite: WORD OF MOUTH! When my customer's share with their friends about their experience with Lovelace Photography it is the ultimate compliment!

So, in honor of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons I am running a new contest. We currently have 55 fans - I want to see that grow and I do mean GROW! By Christmas I want to see us hit 250 fans. I don't think that it's an unattainable goal. I know I'm going to need help reaching it though so I'm running a contest.

Every contest has to have rules, so here goes:

1. The contest will be open from November 5th-November 30th. I'll announce the winner on December 1st!

2. If you aren’t already a business fan, simply follow this link and click “Become a Fan” at the top of the page.

3. Then copy and paste this onto your Facebook status update: "Win a FREE Photo Shoot from: Become a fan of Lovelace Photography. Visit and click "Become a Fan"

4. Send me a note or tag me in your status so you get counted! Every time you post this message in your status, your name will be entered in the drawing. You can only be counted once per day even if you post it multiple times each day.

Thanks for helping, and good luck!