Monday, March 30, 2009

A Fresh Start

Hi! Well, for those who have stopped by our blog before, you have probably noticed it looks different. I totally redid the site in effort to make it cleaner and, in turn, more effective. I started the blog back in February but haven't done too well with keeping up with it. So, I have created a whole new site, cleaned off all the old posts and we are starting fresh! I hope that through the blog visitors will be able to peek inside the creativity that makes up Lovelace Photography and Design.

Now, on to introductions! I, Crista, am the lead photographer and designer. I say lead because I am not alone in this endeavor. My one true love, Jeremiah (who's also happens to be my husband!) does some of the shooting as well. I am grateful for his help. I couldn't be undertaking this venture without his love and support! Of course, he tends to believe that all the good shots are the ones that he takes. I disagree! *haha* We'll let you be the judge!

Now about Lovelace Photography & Design. LPD doesn't just take pictures, we try to capture the emotions that made up the moments being photographed. We do anything from newborn, child, family photography to weddings, parties, etc. We don't stop after we take your pictures either. Each image is carefully examined and edited (if necessary) to look for imperfections such as red-eye, etc. We offer photo products that we are proud to put our name on - such as canvas prints, professional photo albums, and collages. We don't just drop your pictures into a template either. Each collage is hand-edited, designed and customized...for YOU! We have a photo viewing/share site for your convenience as well. This way you can give out the site info for family and friends to view and order prints if they would like.

Another change - we have altered our pricing to accomodate our clients needs a little better. There are so many packages and products out there that sometimes it's so hard to get just what YOU want or need. We've revamped the whole way we do things and hopefully it will be better for our clients! For now, we don't have a price list posted on the blog but you can have one sent to you if you contact us. You can email us at Just specify if it is for wedding or family style portraits so we know which one to send you. We'll get one out to you right away!

For now, we are going to be posting the shoots that were previous loaded on to the blog and get things back up and running on here. I hope that you enjoy looking at our blog and that you stop by often. Remember, capturing life's moments is what we're all about! We'd love to "shoot" you soon! :) Thanks for stopping by!